“Providing outstanding service through the merging of medical service providers, we become the leaders in reducing the time it takes to respond to any accidental emergency by providing medical services and ensuring that our members have a seamless intake into the hospital with our cost guarantee management service.”


“Consistently strive to broaden our network partnerships and further our corporate relationships. And applying unique product development as required by the needs of our clients that would uplift and give members cover that could potential save their lives."


Evac24 is the dedicated arm on accidental medical evacuation management to Loyalty Life Management Service (Pty) Ltd. Founded in 2013, the need for an aggregated service was designed through the linking of key partnerships and providers. The merging of service providers is not just limited to ambulance and air service, but the covering of costs for those evacuations and hospital guarantee management. The combining of the services of Evac24 and the ability of Loyalty Life to support with risk products, makes Evac24 a very unique company. Its founders constantly drive for the development of uniqueness and growth in all markets requiring specialized medical evacuation and hospital guarantee management.


As a member of Evac24, your cover is not just limited to one segment of South Africa, your cover can support most SADC regions as long as your cover originated in South Africa. In the event that you have an accident and require the need for emergency evacuation, through our call centre we will arrange that need for evacuation and is supported by the closest ambulance to your location. We can save time by having the needed contracts in place with not just one ambulance provider but multiple across the country. Our current support infrastructure has in excess of 2,000 providers/companies that are available to you with one direct call to Evac24, each member also be given a panic facility for their phone that will send an alarm through to our call centre and we will call you back to attend to your emergency.

Depending upon what product you are currently on, you will have a level of guarantee cover in place, this cover is used to cover the cost of your evacuation and your admittance into emergency care. When your arrangement for evacuation is managed through Evac24, the case management includes the service of arranging your intake into hospital for your medical situation. Your cover is specific to accidental emergency events, accident is defined in the policy wording as “Anything happening in a moment of time”, it is any event that happens to your body from outside of you to you. It is very important when speaking with our call centre agents that you are aware on which group you are and use the main members ID number as membership number. If you are not a member of Evac24 yet, we have a plan that you can either take out for yourself, or for your family that includes main member, spouse (partner) and three children.



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Administered by EVAC24. Smart phone Panic Button facility provided, where relevant,  by EVAC24 SecureEvac24 Cyclist Protect policy, where relevant, is a product of EVAC24.